Telematicus: Delivering Telemetry Data Insights

What motivates Simon Ralphs, the CEO of Telematicus, to consistently deliver enterprise-grade end-to-end cloud solutions and services for insurance telematics, fleet safety, connected cars, and OEMs? It’s the vision that he embeds in his company’s culture every day—‘achieving more with client’s data.’ “With the increasing amount of data being collected and stored by the OEMs, we position ourselves as a company that can shine a light on their big data,” says Simon. But how exactly is Telematicus doing it? “It’s quite simple,” he smiles. “We are using data science and latest techniques including AI, machine learning, and OCR to get insights into the data.”

Needless to say, through their powerful solutions and Microsoft partnership, Telematicus has been an innovative force in the field of telematics for over a decade now. “Traditionally, automotive technology was all about the vehicle and the driver; but as consumer views and ownership of vehicles change, OEMs are now facing challenges associated with fuel (to reduce the carbon footprint), car ownership, and services,” states Simon. Adapting to the changes at a macro level will mean that OEMs need to understand what is happening at that level and determine where to make investments. “OEMs already have a large amount of data and this is beginning to come back to them— it is now about using the data to make operational improvements and provide additional services,” mentions Simon. That’s where Telematicus comes in. Through its cloud-based system, Schack, the company is helping OEMs better understand their data and assist with complex decisions.

A software and solutions company at its core, Telematicus focuses on providing insight into the client’s “big data” collected from telemetry devices. The Schack system is device agnostic and takes data from multiple sources. It supports soft devices on smartphones, dedicated telematics devices including dashcams, and third-party gateways.
The system analyses the streaming raw data by leveraging artificial intelligence based on machine learning. The insights derived by the Schack system can be leveraged to create applications for OEMs, insurers, and fleet safety. Simon elaborates on an example to illustrate how Schack assists OEMs. “An OEM was looking to better understand the data that it was collecting in respect of non-stock spare parts purchasing,” states Simon. Using a few years of data, the Telematicus data science team identified the clusters of parts customers purchase together. This helped the OEM identify a way to increase spare part sales by £2 million. For insurers, the system’s AI approach to Driver Classification helps them price the risk of a policy that is underwritten for a new business or at policy renewal, as well as providing key data in the event of an accident. In addition, the system acts as a “risk management” and driver education solution for fleet managers that helps them better manage their fleet and overall insurance premiums. “Schack helps you make the right moves with data,” remarks Simon.

With a strong focus on helping the OEMs, Telematicus has designed a new solution to create ontology classifications between OEM parts. It uses the latest “big data” cloud computing technologies to help OEMs process large amounts of data in a way that aids in explaining the complex relationships that exist between parts in the business. This helps reduce complexity, understand cost-saving opportunities, and makes the links between similar parts while providing a more effective way of searching for relationships. Telematicus’ applications can be accessed via a range of user interfaces that include Reina, Turris, Optio, and Cavallo that cater to different platforms such as mobile and desktop. The Optio mobile application, for instance, can be used as a soft telematics device to collect GPS telemetry data as well as connect with a dashcam to provide optimal telemetry data insights.

Having carved a niche in the telematics space, Telematicus continues to invest in R&D to bring new products to market and improve its existing products. “An example is the relaunch of Optio on Xamarin. They have a number of key partnerships who have Tier 1 relationships with OEMs and financial services,” informs Simon. Telematicus is currently focused on the UK and EMEA but is also discussing opportunities in the fast-growing AI markets in Asia.
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Macclesfield, England

Simon Ralphs, CEO

Telematicus helps Enterprises make the right moves with massive data capture, storage and AI analysis. The company's applications are dynamically configured, devices are rapidly connected, and data intelligently processed for Insurance, Connected Car and Healthcare purposes. Being a device-agnostic the company has developed an IoT solution - Telematics Schack that can ingest Bn's of data points every day using CABIS cloud powered by Microsoft Azure IOT Hub, stream analytics, Azure SQL, COSMOS and datalake and enhanced with Power BI, AI and Machine Learning


"With the increasing amount of data being collected and stored by the OEMs, we position ourselves as a company that can shine a light on their big data"

- Simon Ralphs, CEO

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